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Our consultants hold advanced degrees and have the real-life experiences that can guide you to make informed decisions on who to hire and promote.  Contact us today to discuss your requirements or call 208.451.5076.

Dr. Everett has a extensive background in program development and education.  He has had the honor of providing education to thousands of healthcare providers; including physicians, nurses, and EMS professionals.  Working with numerous fire service agencies he facilitated the development of Advanced Life Support/Paramedic systems in multiple states to increase the services offered.  His expertise is in hiring, leadership selection and development, executive coaching, and Lean Six Sigma process improvement,  

Dr. Rariden worked nearly 30 years in law enforcement retiring as a Police Captain from Grand Blanc Township. He graduated from the FBI National Academy (Session 232) and he was Grand Blanc Township's successful CALEA (Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies) recognition manager.  His areas of expertise include: policing, ethics, cognitive based testing.

Dr. Westrick is a recognized court expert in a number of areas within use of force investigation, law enforcement policy, and ballistics/armor research.  He is the principal of Ballistic Armor Research Group, LLC. Dr. Westrick has participated in numerous defense contracts regarding the research and development of armor systems.


Aaron Westrick, PhD

Dr. Aaron Westrick is Associate Professor of Criminal Justice.  He holds a Ph.D. from Wayne State University. Has been at LSSU for 10 years teaching courses in loss control, crisis intervention, ethical issues, police process, MCOLES classes and recreation studies (self-defense).  Dr. Westrick is an active Deputy Sheriff for Charlevoix County.  He is the recipient of awards for valor, having been wounded in exchange of gunfire with a felon.  He has participated in and/or written in grants in excess of $1 million.

​​Areas of Expertise

Jude Rariden, PhD

Dr. Rariden earned his PhD in Criminal Justice from Michigan State University.  His doctoral researched focused on differential traffic enforcement and associated ethical issues surrounding disparate treatment.  He earned a Master’s of Arts in Criminal Justice from the University of Detroit where his researched focused on the community’s perceptions of police officers/departments. Jude Rariden has been a consultant in law enforcement hiring and promotional processes. 

Michael Everett, PhD

Dr. Everett is an Organizational Psychologist who had over 30 years experience in public service as a Deputy Sheriff and Paramedic.  He was an Associate Professor and Director for a Midwestern Paramedicine program, and has been a presenter for numerous local, state, and national conferences.  Currently he is an Adjunct Professor in Psychology for Central Michigan University.  He provides psychometric assessments and consults for various organizations including public safety agencies.