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L. Leianne Everett


1. Sharing your strength with others in order to help them develop their own



​​Areas of Expertise

Michael Everett

Michael Everett, PhD

Dr. Everett is an Organizational Psychologist who had over 30 years experience in assisting multiple organizations achieving their goals and spent 13  years as an Associate Professor at Northern Michigan University.  He holds a MBA in Human Resources Administration, with a Concentration in Organizational Development. His research focused on Corporate Values and Values Implementation.  His PhD research was on Leader-Follow Dynamics and its influence on Follower Self-efficacy.  He is a published author and is Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt.

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​​​​L. Leianne Everett, MBA, FACHE, HFMA

Leianne holds an undergrad and graduate degrees in Finance.  She has a 30 year history of healthcare administration and has held positions as Financial Controller, Chief Operation Officer (COO), Chief Financial Officer (CFO), and Chief Executive Officer (CEO).  She specialized in turn-around of Critical Access Healthcare Systems (CAHS). 

Dr. Everett focuses on self-efficacy and its impact on human behavior. and the decision-making process,.  His expertise is in hiring, leadership selection and development, and Lean Six Sigma process improvement,  He provides psychometric assessments and consults for various organizations including public safety agencies.  

Leianne is often often sought after to provide insight into all levels of an organization. Described as a "direct and fair leader" who encourages, empowers, and engages individuals to develop and exceed their own expectations. Challenges the "we have always done it this way" mentality and provides logical, rationale, and realistic avenues for individual and organizational growth.