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What are the qualities of good assessment?

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1.Validity or Coherence.  The results of an assessment are appropriate for a particular purpose as demonstrated by a coherent body of evidence.

2.Reproducibility,  Reliability or Consistency.  The results of the assessment would be the same if repeated under similar circumstances.

3.Equivalence. The same assessment yields equivalent scores or decisions when administered across different institutions or cycles of testing.

4.Feasibility.  The assessment is practical, realistic, and sensible, given the circumstances and context.

5.Educational Effect. The assessment motivates those who take it to prepare in a fashion that has educational benefit.

6.Catalytic effect.  The assessment provides results and feedback in a fashion that motivates all stakeholders to create, enhance, and support education; it drives future learning forward and improves overall program quality.

7.Acceptability.  Stakeholders find the assessment process and results to be credible.