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​​​​​​Welcome To Everett Decisions, LLC

Everett Decision Systems specializes in working with individuals and smaller organizations.  Organizations whose needs are specific to them and most often, have limited resources to identify and make educated decisions that have long lasting impact on their effectiveness and efficiency.  Michael Everett, PhD is an Organizational Psychologist that specializes in assisting individuals and organizations in achieving, and exceeding, their goals and objectives.  Utilizing valid and reliable science-based assessments, Everett Decision Systems will provide you or your organization with the information that takes the guess work out of the decision making process. 

​Refusing to compromise his personal and professional ethics by accepting every consulting engagement opportunity and instead of being “something to everyone,” Dr. Everett only accepts clients whose requirements match his level of expertise.  For those rare times when a client's expectations cannot be met, Dr. Everett is a member of several professional organizations that allow him the ability to direct you to a resource that will best address your needs. To explore whether Everett Decision Systems can help facilitate your needs please contact us.