Organizational Psychology firm specializing in assisting organizations exceed their expectations. Offering Leadership Selection and Development, Organizational Change, and Lean Six Sigma.  Focus on self-efficacy and its impact on human behavior and the decision-making process.   Enhance organizational effectiveness; decrease cost, and increase corporate profitability utilizing Lean Six Sigma concepts and practices.  We also conduct job and organizational analysis studies to support the implementation of testing programs.

Team Building

In today’s global environment it is very rare that one individual is able to accomplish the goal of the organization without any assistance.  Everett Decisions understands that to be a successful successful organization each individual must understand their role within it and utilizes the twelve (12) C’s of team building in all team building programs; Competence, Charter, Control, Collaboration, Communication, Creative Innovation, Consequences, Coordination and Cultural Change.  Team Building is provided upon our 41' Morgan Classic sailboat named Slainte Mhath, which is Scottish Gaelic for "Good Health", for a day, weekend, or weeklong sail.  Located in Olympia, WA on the South Puget Sound we have access to some of the best costal sailing in the world.

Assessment Center

A large part of that diversity is reflective of an individuals’ cultural, racial and gender identities. We provide valid psychometric entry-level and promotional public safety job examinations that can be used by any public safety agency that promotes cultural, racial and gender diversity.  These solutions are cost-effective and ready to be used and have withstood the scrutiny of the US Supreme Court.  

Promotional processes attempt the impossible task of accurately predicting which individual among a field of candidates will be the most successful in a position none of them have yet held.  Research suggests that within the realm of practicality, the most powerful means of predicting future job success is a multi-faceted test, such as the Assessment Center process currently used by many police and fire departments.  This process combines in-basket, written scenario, role-play and other types of exercises, allowing assessors to observe the actual performance of candidates in a variety of simulated experiences.

Policy/Promotional Examinations

To help ensure your personnel understand policies critical to your organizational needs, Everett Decision Systems will create customized examinations for your department.  We will work with your agency to develop tests based upon your policy and procedure, rules and regulations, or other guidelines specific to your requirements.

Executive Coaching and Mentoring

The key to improving your performance or increasing your ability to gain a promotion or position depends on your willingness to recognize your weaknesses.  You not only need the drive to improve those areas but also a step-by-step plan to follow.  You may also need to have a change in your view of yourself and your organization.  Metamorphosis of Perspective is the change that a leader goes through as they ascend and gain a broader perspective of their role and the organization's purpose.  Without this change effective leadership is difficult.

Everett Decision Systems is made up of executives who have experience at the local and state government level.  They also have international experience examining organizational effectiveness.  These executives can assist you in the development of a plan to gain the results you want whether that be a promotion, completion of a project, or moving the organization from “here” to “there.” 

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