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Slainte Mhath

As with families, many organizations share similarities with another, such as size, product, market share, and even location.  Each has their own particular "fingerprint"; that one thing that separates them from another. Because of this, Dr. Everett and his staff understand that "canned" products or services do not address these specific idiosyncrasies and therefore refuse to promote or offer such services. Offering Leadership Selection and Development, Organizational Change, and Team Building, they focus on self-efficacy and its impact on human behavior and the decision-making process.   Enhance organizational effectiveness; decrease cost, and increase corporate profitability utilizing Lean Six Sigma concepts and practices. 

Leadership Selection and Development

The reality is that within organizations there is common fallacy; that being the attitude of rational leadership selection.  Specifically, that is the belief that “It took me years to get to where I am, and I know what it takes.”  This leaves the decision-maker prone to unknowing choosing people like themselves or those who are advancing the same way they did. This type of thinking leads organizations to make quick decisions to fill gaps in leadership teams rather than being patient and taking a proactive approach to identifying and developing the organization’s next generation of leaders.  

Organization Change

Almost 80% of organizational change fails.  Maybe you have noticed it personally and professionally.  A major consulting firm is contracted for huge amounts of money, the “consultants” come in and provide executives with all the information required for the change to transpire, an implementation process occurs and for a short time, work behaviors change, but only for a short time before it is “business as usual.”  

Lean Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma is a merger of two separate and distinctive management process.  Lean focuses on efficiency and effectiveness.  Through the use of strategies that are aimed at evaluating value as seen through the customers’ perspective, it questions the necessity of all costs within any business environment. The goal of Lean is to identify and eliminate non-essential and non-value added steps in the process in order to improve efficiency, effectiveness, quality and gain customer loyalty.
Six Sigma is a comprehensive and flexible system for achieving, sustaining and maximizing business success. First understanding the customer’s needs, using facts and data collected, and analyzing that data through statistics drives Six Sigma. At the heart of Six Sigma is the concept of “process variation.”  The ideal goal is to be 99.9997% defect free, in other words, for every million widgets produced only 3.4 will be defective, as defined by customer expectations.  To achieve this the process variation must be within six standard deviations (aka sigma).

Lean Six Sigma has been shown:

1. Improve Customer Satisfaction
2. Standardize Business Development
3. Coordinate Metrics with Suppliers and Customers
4. Ensure Industrial and Government Compliance
5. Increase productivity by 50% or more
6. Decrease work-in-progress by 85%

Team Building

In today’s global environment it is very rare that one individual is able to accomplish the goal of the organization without any assistance.  Everett Decisions understands that to be a successful successful organization each individual must understand their role within it and utilizes the twelve (12) C’s of team building in all team building programs; Competence, Charter, Control, Collaboration, Communication, Creative Innovation, Consequences, Coordination and Cultural Change. Team Building can be provided upon our 41' Morgan Classic sailboat named Slainte Mhath, which is Scottish Gaelic for "Good Health", for a day, weekend, or weeklong sail.  Located in Olympia, WA on the South Puget Sound we have access to some of the best coastal sailing in the world.



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